How do I find the best herbal parasite cleansing supplements?

If you are reading this then you have probably just found out you are infected with parasites. Before you freak out let me tell you not to worry. Here you are going to find the best natural parasite cleanse supplements to help you eliminate your infection. After taking the products we recommend on this website you will no longer be robbed of your nutrients and your energy will return.

Maybe you know how you got infected with human parasites, maybe you do not know. It could have been while you were on a trip to another country as easily as you could have gotten it from someone at work. You could have gotten infected food at an expensive restaurant or a food truck. The ways you get infected are endless. Human parasites are easily transmissible and many people are carriers who do not take the parasite cleansers we recommend here and spread their infection to others.

There are many different parasite cleanse supplements available on the market. Each has a different approach to eliminating parasites in humans. We want to tell you about all of the individual ingredients you might see in the most common parasite cleanse supplements and explain what each one does. At we have seen countless people just like you who are searching for what works. After reading this you will understand why the products we recommend are the best way to easily combat this infection.

Which natural parasite cleanse supplements should I take?

When you are fighting human parasites, We think the best approach is to use a wide variety of parasite fighting compounds. Getting lucky enough to find a magic bullet to kill all your parasites with one product is rare since there are so many different kinds of internal parasites that each of us can get. That is the reason why the products we recommend work. They include all the compounds in the right proportions ready for you to take without distracting you from your busy schedule.

These are the main herbs and compounds that you should take for a parasite cleanse. The added benefit of many of the ingredients is that they also promote health and well-being beyond eliminating parasites. So your benefits will be multiplied by taking them.



Probably the oldest herbal medicine used in the history of herbal medicine. Neem has a wide variety of applications and can attack practically any type of parasite in human. This has long been an extraordinary remedy and scientists are continuing to find new uses and benefits all the time. Read more about Neem


Sweet Wormwood

This is an extremely bitter herb that is highly effective at eliminating a parasite infection in humans. Wormwood is included in many supplements because it has broad antiparasitic effects against a wide variety of parasites including roundworms, pinworms, hookworms and whipworms. Wormwood contains an active compound called sesquiterpene which is able to penetrate the strong membranes of parasites to kill them. Read more about Sweet Wormwood


Black Walnut

The green hull of the black walnut contains the anti-parasitic compounds that can help you to fight your infection. Used for centuries all over the world, the anti-parasitic effects are widely studied. Read more about Black Walnut



Cloves contain the active compounds eugenol, caryphyllene and tannins. All these compounds have been studied for their powerful anti-microbial properties. Not only are cloves highly effective at combating malaria, tuberculosis, scabies, candida, bacteria and viruses, it is very effective at killing the eggs of the parasites before they hatch. Also, it is able to kill the microscopic protozoa that are able to hide in all parts of your system from many other compounds. This deep cleansing action is important because if you do not kill the parasite eggs you can not eliminate the infection. Read more about Cloves



You have probably already heard of the many health benefits that garlic provides. On top of all that, garlic also has antimicrobial, antiviral and antiparasitic properties. Add that to its delicious flavor and you have no reason not to use garlic to get healthy. Read more about Garlic


Pau D’Arco

Scientific research has identified two important chemical compounds in Pau d’arco used to treat parasitic infections. They are called naphthoquinones: lapachol and beta-lapachone. Scientific lab tests have shown that these chemicals can kill some bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Read more about Pau D’Arco



Ginger is the worlds most widely cultivated. It is a little funny looking, small and rounded with a brown cactus-like outer coating. But it has been long prized for both its medicinal values and its addition to the culinary experience. Ginger ale was America’s favorite beverage by the 1880s and today remains an important component of a parasite cleanse. Read more about Ginger


Pumpkin Seeds

Has been widely used for centuries as a potent anthelmintic ( a compound that aids in eliminating intestinal parasites). You may have only seen them around Halloween time and thrown away the seeds. But pumpkin seeds are able to paralyze the parasites, leaving them unable to latch onto your internal organs, and causes them to die and pass out.


Should I make a natural parasite cleanse myself?

Some of these parasite fighting natural herbs are not hard to find, and others take some more time to find, but it is not impossible. If you want to take all the individual herbs, in the proportions you need for an effective parasite cleanse, you would be busy all day just keeping up with everything you should take. While some people have the time to do that non-stop for the weeks a proper parasite cleanse takes, others do have the time to make a DIY parasite cleanse.

Our recommended products help you to properly do a parasite cleanse, without it taking up your entire day. The products we recommended have worked for countless people and the ingredient proportions have been professionally designed to provide a broad array of protection. Attacking parasites at all levels of development from egg to larva and adult. Thus cleansing your body of the harmful human parasites.